Everyone knows by now: the impact of the corona measures on business is enormous, the world is turned upside down. Our food service market is in the corner where hard knocks are taking place. Many locations are in the danger zone due to the temporary closure and a large part will eventually have to close the doors permanently. The latest predictions indicate that this could well exceed 30%. And not only the catering industry, but also other FMCG stores, such as drugstores, hairdressers and convenience stores, have a hard time across Europe.

If anything is clear, we are not going back to the old familiar. We are at the beginning of a new era. Where some companies are going to stop, others will come up with new initiatives or restart with an adapted concept that fits the changed society.

In the Datlinq Database with European FMCG locations, we are already seeing a significant increase in locations that are permanently closed. For the past quarter, there are already 35% more locations in the Netherlands that we have to remove than in the same period last year. These are around 3,000 locations out of a total of around 40,000. It amounts to 7.5% per quarter and 30% of all locations on an annual basis.

These major shifts in the market are a major challenge for all suppliers. How do you keep track of your accumulated customer base now that this is changing at such a fast pace? Where in “the old world” most dynamics were limited to a few known channels, this now applies to the entire market. What has always been challenging for the indirect food service market is now practically impossible. The result is chaos in the management of marketing and sales activities. Add to this the inevitable budget pressure that will arise on everyone, then the task is clear. Cleaning up the data to work as effectively as possible.

A Datafuus (data infusion) can help to keep your customer and prospect file as clean as possible. By linking to our Datlinq Places you always have the latest information available and you can immediately take action on closings or newly opened locations. In our database, data is continuously changed based on online sources. At least 10 times a year, it is checked whether a company is still active on social media, whether they have received reviews and whether there is another sign of life (new menu, social media posts, offers, active reservation possible). Of course, we also process the standard sources such as registrations, deregistrations and bankruptcies, but this data often lags far behind information available through online sources.

To link to our “Datafuus” we have an API available with which you can run the data from Datlinq Places directly in your existing CRM system. Our experts are happy to help for an optimal match with and update your existing file. Do you dread the technical challenge of an API and would you rather not have to worry about it at all? Then the all-in-one solution from Datlinq Places with Salesmapp is the perfect solution. Via Salesmapp your marketing and sales work directly on the most current database and management is completely taken off your hands; so full focus on your customers! Salesmapp offers all the functionality you need on the road or at the office. With our new Virtual Assistant option, the new way of working becomes even easier to stay in touch with your customers. Salesmapp can be used across Europe in combination with Datlinq Places. Every new location that you add yourself is immediately included in the general maintenance and enrichment plan. Of course, the combination of Salesmapp, Datlinq Places and an API link to existing systems is also possible, giving you the best-of-both-worlds.

Are you curious about the locations within Datlinq Places that best suit your products? Then use the Datlinq Recommender, the tool for data-driven recommendations from food service locations. Based on your preferences and smart A.I. models we find the relevant leads within the food service. A best estimate can also be made about the vitality of the location by combining consumer assessments and initiatives by the entrepreneur himself. Think of delivering meals, other furnishings, assortment adjustments, etc.

Curious about what we can do for you? We are happy to help you! Please contact marketing@datlinq.com.