A while back, we wrote about Belgium and how it is the place to be for drinking beer. Another thing that Belgians are famous for, especially in comparison with France, is the fact that they are experts when it comes to making chips in Quickservice locations. Are there more difference to be found when comparing Quickservice locations in Belgium and France? Read all about it in this article!

Number of quickservice locations Belgium versus France

Nobody will be surprised when we notice a difference in the number of locations between the regions of Belgium. In January 2019, we already reported that the populous north traditionally has more horeca locations than the sparsely populated south. Furthermore, we can see from the above figure that Antwerp has the highest density in terms of Quickservice locations.

In France, things are a little different. While there are no specific large regions with a high density as in Belgium, there are smaller areas in which this is the case. Just like in Belgium, there are traditionally several provinces in which the population is relatively higher than in the rest of the country. As a result, these provinces also have a higher density in terms of Quickservice locations. In the figure above, these areas are depicted by the darkest shade of blue. Among these provinces, the most notable is obviously Paris but Bouches-du-Rhône with its 1323 locations is a strong runner-up.

Belgians more quickservice locations per resident than France

If we zoom out to a national level, we can see that Belgium has 13.376 Quickservice locations as of July 2019. While France has roughly six times the number of inhabitants, they “only” have 30.493 locations. This means that a Quickservice location in Belgium is shared by 863 citizens, while French citizens must share such a location with 2197 others.

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