Growth in the Dutch hospitality industry in 2021 lags behind compared to the summer of 2020, while the Dutch delivery market grows with 1,4% in 4 weeks! In the Visit Report P8, we look at the period from July 19th to August 15th. During this period, the hospitality and retail sectors were almost fully open again. But what can we see from this in our results? First of all, the growth in the hospitality sector has stopped, this could be a result of the holidays. Retail is experiencing an increase in sales during the summer and delivery has increased over the past period. Read on, and make sure you get the latest developments!

21st of September 2021

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The strong rise in P7 2021 for the hospitality industry does not continue!

After a growth period of almost 2 months, in P8 the growth has stopped. Unfortunately, a small decline is noticeable in the total number of visits. This means that the number is still below the level of P8 2020, when the increase of visitors had a lot more momentum after easing the restrictions in hospitality. However, leisure and fast service perform relatively better than the other sectors in P1 to P8 2021.

Visits hospitality P8

Retail sales rising towards the summer!

Supermarket visits are somewhat higher in P7 and P8 compared to other periods, where non-food maintains the same level of P4 to P6. Specialty stores are falling back even further. It is fascinating to see that the growth in visits in P7 involves both food and non-food. From P1 to P7 food shows strong growth, and non-food has done a huge catch-up since May 2021. So the retail sector is still enjoying its best year since 2018, but will they keep it up until the end of 2021?

Visits retail P8

Food delivery increases in P8 to 8%!

Whereas in recent periods the share of home delivery seemed to stabilize around 5% in-home meals, we are now seeing a move to almost 8%. Precisely at the moment that the hospitality industry is becoming more and more accessible. It is mainly the group up to 50 years of age that contributes to this. Do you want to find all the locations active in delivery? Try Data Outlet X now 30 days for free!

Dutch delivery market keeps on growing!

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