One million food outlets across Europe

Match your brand to the perfect food location

Combine current location data and smart tools to maximise your brand’s growth

Datlinq Places
What we know about your favourite food locations

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Lunchroom Wolseley

  • 100 seats
  • Lunch
  • 100 m2
  • London
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Yumchaa Soho

  • 50 seats
  • Coffee and pastries
  • 100 m2
  • London

One million food outlets across Europe

Do you want to discover what we know about the outlets you visit, or would you like to find out which outlets offer the best sales opportunities? Access the interactive data sample in Datlinq Places.

Discover datlinq places

What can we do for your brand with our location data?

Of course, it’s all very cool that we have all this data and these smart tools, but how can we use them to assist you? Datlinq’s multidisciplinary team will help you sell your brand at the right food locations.

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“Looking for market opportunities? I can help you find the right points of sale.”
“Want to know what to do at which food locations to optimise sales? I’d be more than happy to help.”
“It’s all about developing the best solution to take you forward. I’ll make that happen for you.”