Day 3 and the last day of a series on coffee. In recent days, we have already looked at which method of making coffee is most popular and how many coffee bar locations there are in the countries around us. Today, we will present which type of coffee is most popular, as well as give a distribution of all coffee brands per sector (all figures given in the graphs are in percentages!). So, pour yourself another cup of coffee, sit back and enjoy!

Distribution of different types of coffee.

The first thing that strikes us is the fact that regular coffee is still the most consumed by consumers. In our previous article, we already showed what percentage of coffee is made with fresh bean machines (if you missed this article, click here). This could explain why regular coffee is still considered to be the most enjoyed coffee. But with the rise of coffee bars, the craftsmanship that these bars show with their “latte art”, could be the explanation why we see coffees with additional ingredients in them increasing. We also see that the espresso has increased in popularity, while the macchiato has remained the same.

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Distribution of different coffee brands by sector.

So coffee is still a hot drink that many people enjoy. But which brand is the biggest and in which sector? Through the dropdown menu, you can see the brand distribution per sector. What we then see in our data is that of all the coffee brands, Douwe Egberts has the biggest share in most sectors. Except, e.g. in the petrol stations sector where Piacetto is the biggest, but Douwe Egberts is closing in on them.


Distribution of types of warm beverages.

Finally, we see that coffee is the most popular warm beverage for consumers to consume. In total, 70% of all warm beverages consumed are forms of coffee. ‘Other warm beverages’ are consumed more often than at the beginning of 2021, and tea has decreased compared to the 3rd period of 2021.