Datlinq is the partner for data-driven sales and marketing in the out-of-home market. We find the most hip bars, trendy vegan restaurants and that special shoarma joint for the stepping student. Hundreds of internet sources, review sites, till data and wholesaler data feed our algorithms with one goal. To realise growth for brands and entrepreneurs together with our customers.

We offer a SaaS solution with extensive search capabilities in 3,000,000 location profiles within Europe. From our location data we generate trends and market insights. Our data can be linked with digital & e-commerce platforms, websites, loyalty apps, and/or used through Datlinq apps for sales or additional data collection.

Our clients are marketers, sales & insights managers at multinationals such as Unilever, Red Bull and Farm Frites, but also Mocca d’or and Alpro. This year, Datlinq became part of the Roamler group. Together, we are expanding our location database and services to more than 15 countries. Roamler has a flexible crowd community of 180,000 Roamlers, who carry out in-store audits and merchandising activities. The combination of offline and online collected data enables us to create an even richer picture of food locations.

Since 2021 Datlinq is part of Roamler.