March 22, 2021

Today is World Water Day! An adult should drink 1.5 - 2 litres of water per day, so it is important that you have enough water available. If you would be at the office for 8 hours a day, this means that you consume about half of your water at the office. But where does the drinking water in companies come from? Datlinq found out!

For companies up to 20 FTE (full-time equivalent), it can be seen that >80% get their drinking water from the tap. It is easy to see that other brands are preferred over Chaudfontaine and Spa.

Up to companies of up to 200 FTE, a gradual decline in 'only tap water' can be seen, with Chaudfontaine catching up with Spa in this segment. From companies larger than 200 FTE, Chaudfontaine is gaining ground, and distribution is even higher than that of tap water. In the 200-500 FTE segment, Chaudfontaine is taking over from 'only tap water'.

In companies with more than 500 FTE, Chaudfontaine is distancing itself from the competition. Whereas Spa was able to grow steadily up to 200-500 FTE, in the segment >500 FTE, it is even losing part of its distribution share (-1.6%).

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Check out the charts below to see the exact distribution by farm size or type of water!

Figure 1: Distribution of water by company size

Figure 2: Distribution of water by type