Is the number of restaurants growing? Is more Heineken being sold in the center of London? What is the Welsh’s favorite fries brand? Follow the latest Foodservice news at Datlinq and discover the latest market trends in the British foodservice landscape.

First Aid At Opening

When the smoke starts to rise around the Corona measures, it is time as a supplier to absorb the damage that the catering industry has suffered. For example, to what extent will my customers be able to open again? Will they make it financially? A large part of the market is expected to be hit, causing major shifts. Locations will close, reopen or restart. In short, as a supplier it is important to respond well to help existing and new customers with the opening.

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All suppliers on the datafuus

Everyone knows by now: the impact of the corona measures on business is enormous, the world is turned upside down. Our food service market is in the corner where hard knocks are taking place. Many locations are in the danger zone due to the temporary closure and a large part will eventually have to close the doors permanently. The latest predictions indicate that this could well exceed 30%. And not only the catering industry, but also other FMCG stores, such as drugstores, hairdressers and convenience stores, have a hard time across Europe.

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Data Driven Recommendations

At Datlinq we are constantly working on ways to discover how places, consumers, products and brands interact. We do this because we know that this is of great importance to any company acting in the foodservice market. Especially when launching new products or if they want to grow their existing sales efficiently, it is very helpful to have insights that help find locations where their specific product would fit well. More specifically, access to rich profiles of foodservice locations is a very valuable asset in this quest.

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Lead Generation à la Datlinq

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Belgium more quickservice locations per resident than France

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Spectaculair growth of the European database

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