The future of data driven sales and marketing

Ai factory

Grow faster with our smart models

We collect, filter and combine data of millions of online sources. Our smart models discover new sales opportunities and route-to-markets.


Lead generation for foodservice

Receive lead lists with recommended prospects. Our smart algoritme analyses data of millions of reviews, websites, menus and delivery sites.


Smart search

We find relevant prospects based on semantic search. Searching for instance on ‘cappuccino’ will also give you prospect that sell Latte and Espresso.


Look-a-like prospect

Receive recommendations bases on your best performing outlets: which prospects have the best match with your brand.


Combine with your own data for more possibilities

Adding your own data, like wholesale data and marketing information, will unlock new possibilities for recommendations.


Next best product

Which product is best to offer next to an outlet.




Which outlets are at high risk of losing as a customer.


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