City Hotspots

Focus your activities on hotspots in the city

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  • Rapid insight into the opportunities for your brand in a city
  • Your sales and marketing activities focused on the right places in a city
  • Can be linked to the Salesmapp app
  • View your progress on overview maps

Find your leads with a digital map

As 60% of the global population will live in an urban setting by 2030, the city is set to become a highly attractive and essential market. The question is: where can you find city dwellers who want to buy your products? City Hotspots is a digital map showing your relevant leads and customers.

Discover where your activities will deliver results

City Hotspots shows the hot zones for your products based on the characteristics of various neighbourhoods. You can therefore quickly find out where most traffic is in a city, allowing you to determine which leads and customers you want to visit or contact digitally or by phone.

Locaties op de drukste plaatsen

All field sales performances mapped

Datlinq can link a CRM system like Salesmapp to City Hotspots, thereby making the results of field sales visible on maps and thus optimising versatility: you can check which outlets taking part in your savings campaign have not been visited, for example, or which outdoor venues serving your product(s) do not yet have a parasol with your brand name. Your KPI dashboard can also be linked to City Hotspots, allowing you to see at a glance where new opportunities lie.

Snel inzicht in locaties op de drukste plaatsen

With City Hotspots you can...

  • Determine relevant locations per city
  • Immediately identify the right outlets to visit by linking City Hotspots to Salesmapp
  • Create a more efficient distribution structure
  • Determine where to deploy your marketing activities more effectively
  • Identify areas of growth in a city
  • Map spots with a lot of potential at lightning speed