Datlinq API

Create the ultimate omnichannel strategy

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  • Ongoing linking of customer data from different sources
  • More targeted and personalised contact with the customer
  • Campaigns better tailored to the customer
  • Ready for future data flows through the Internet of Things

The omnichannel strategy that really works

Modern companies are increasingly turning to omnichannel strategies: they approach customers through different channels and each channel must know at all times what the others are doing as well as the types of results achieved. Datlinq API makes it possible to store this information in a central database.

Optimal connection between your teams

An omnichannel strategy sounds nice, but how does the field sales team know whether a customer has responded to an offer by email from the marketing department? This strategy therefore needs a digital solution that continuously connects customer data from various sources, such as marketing, sales and wholesalers. Datlinq API allows you to store this information in a central database so that, for example, an outlet’s turnover, an order for a sample and click behaviour on a website are directly linked to each other.

Alle channels met elkaar verbinden

Well prepared for each customer visit

Datlinq API facilitates the sharing of all information and makes it available centrally. In combination with Datlinq’s Location Data Hub, the most relevant data for an outlet can then be displayed in a single overview. A sales representative will therefore be able to see, before visiting an outlet, whether a customer has expressed interest in an email campaign for a specific product or has previously contacted customer services. This makes the visit more personal and customer-oriented.

With Datlinq API you can...

  • Create the ultimate omnichannel experience
  • Target customers more specifically and personally
  • Share data across all channels