Datlinq Places

Discover the opportunities for your brand at more than two million food locations



  • An up-to-date database with more than two million addresses
  • Scan the market quickly and easily
  • Match your brand to the right location

What is possible when you know everything about your market?

Datlinq Places is the perfect launching pad for your brand to conquer the market. This European database contains over two million locations that sell food. With this information, your marketing and sales team has rapid insight into the market and can find the right locations for your brand.

Find your brand’s perfect match. Discover Datlinq Places

Datlinq Places lets you see at the push of a button whether an outlet is a cafeteria, a multi-star restaurant or has an outdoor seating area. You are also able to determine how many seats are available, the nature of the cuisine on offer and in what neighbourhood the outlet is located. By providing insight into an outlet’s key characteristics and places of interest in the wider neighbourhood, Datlinq Places allows you to decide which outlets are worth visiting and which are better suited to contact digitally or by phone.

Marketing insights

Give your field sales team access to valuable outlet information

Datlinq Places can be linked to any CRM system. When you use Datlinq’s Salesmapp, all relevant information is already linked. Field sales team data and results as well as digital campaigns can be accessed with a single click. Need help to get the best out of the data in Datlinq Places? Datlinq Guidance offers help and advice.


Een compleet overzicht met marketing insights

Up-to-date information is always available

Datlinq maintains the database meticulously and ensures that changes are processed quickly. Help from an active foodservice community allows us to keep abreast of changes in the market and ensures that you will never encounter a closed door.

With Datlinq Places you can...

  • View the characteristics of an outlet at the touch of a button
  • Link data from Datlinq Places to your CRM
  • Visit outlets with the characteristics that match your brand
  • Work more effectively thanks to an up-to-date database
  • Determine which outlets to visit and which to contact digitally or by phone
  • View all your results at a glance