Market Monitor

Track your brand’s performance

Weten waar jouw merk in de schappen ligt


  • Rapid and complete picture of the availability of your brand portfolio
  • Insight into product distribution by region, segment, wholesaler, customer, etc.
  • Information, per location, about your brand and your competitor’s brands
  • Direct link with Datlinq Places

How does your brand perform in the market?

Do you want to know whether your brand’s distribution is growing relative to the competition? Market Monitor measures distribution for soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, hot drinks, fries, sauces and snacks down to location level.

What we know about your brand

Market Monitor is an online tool that provides an instant picture of your product’s performance: for example, is your brand growing by region or by segment? Datlinq screens tens of thousands of locations every month, allowing Market Monitor to provide information about your brand and your competitor’s brands per outlet.

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Smarter access to the market with brand information

You can select potential customers with Market Monitor in combination with Datlinq Places. And you can also find out which outlets carry your brand and which have your competitors’ products, an important success factor in the foodservice sector.

Optimaliseer je marktaandeel en merkdistributie met merkinformatie

With Market Monitor you can...

  • View your distribution development per brand, per quarter
  • Select leads based on brand information
  • Gain instant insight with a handy QlikView dashboard