Datlinq has been part of Roamler since 2021. At Roamler, we take a data-driven approach to the implementation of your desired activities: ‘Changing the way people work’.

The data we collect from millions of tasks carried out annually by Roamlers across Europe, enables us to identify patterns and make predictions. Based on this data, you can make strategic decisions. Besides collecting data, Roamler can help you with your execution (such as merchandising), so your field teams can focus on what they do best!

Get insights up to 70% faster. Our on-demand community takes immediate action, monitors multiple POSM in different countries simultaneously, and delivers insights in real time.

Expand your capabilities on-demand. With our community, you can scale each project to specific needs and control all your relevant KPIs!

Focus on profit. Our widespread, flexible capabilities allow you to focus on the physical shops that offer the most opportunities for your field teams!

Cut costs and optimise your budget. Our on-demand auditors are already at your point of sale, so your own teams can concentrate on other things.

Mystery shopping

Make data-driven decisions where and when they are needed.


Your field marketing where and when it is needed.


The shops where you need extra sales power.

Rating & reviews

Positioning your brand more tightly and making it perform better.

Roamler in detail

At Roamler, we take a data-driven approach to executing your desired activities. The data we collect from millions of tasks carried out annually by Roamlers across Europe, enables us to identify patterns and make predictions. So that you can streamline your activities and better organise your resources.

The efficiency of our data-driven approach is enhanced by state-of-the-art mobile technology.

This enables seamless integration with the systems already in use by your own staff. This allows you to integrate the flexibility of thousands of independent professionals with your existing permanent teams. And it allows you to increase the scalability and speed of your operations.

Widespread and repetitive? No problem!

Roamler is the ideal partner for outsourcing repetitive tasks that need to be done in multiple locations in a short period of time. Our community of on-demand professionals is everywhere, allowing you to easily and efficiently cover multiple areas, cities or countries within days.

Your results in 4 steps

1. Selection & matching
We select the professionals who fully meet your requirements in terms of skills, experience and location.

2. Setting up tasks
Our operations team turns your KPIs into a clear task description with detailed instructions for our community. The task will appear in the Roamler app.

3. Community management
Our local community managers are in close contact with the professionals and ensure that the locations requested by you are visited within the agreed time.

4. Review process
Each submission is manually reviewed by our international team of reviewers during the working week, on weekends and holidays.

Stay in control

Use our customised tools to monitor your real-time data. Filter the results and easily find the answers you are looking for.

Your most important KPIs at a glance.

Customer portal
Access to location-specific data and photos.

A complete overview of all your data.

Roamler is a professional community. Anytime, anywhere.

Do you also think that Roamler will help your company? Contact us and get in touch with one of our colleagues.