In the past few years, coffee has become more and more popular. Nowadays, you can get a coffee at almost every corner in a city, from regular coffees to flat whites to frappucinos to decaf coffee. But what do people prefer the most? Fresh bean coffee made in fully automatic or semi-automatic machines? We dived into our data to give you all these answers!

Coffee is increasingly made with fresh bean machines!

In the past year, the use of fresh coffee bean machines, in particular, has increased in the food service market. The use of fresh bean coffee is the highest in restaurants, coffee bars and lunchrooms. But also in other food service segments, the use of fresh coffee bean machines has increased strongly. The growth is at the expense of other brewing systems such as instant, filter coffee, and coffee pads or capsules.

Fully automatic VS semi-automatic bean machines.

The rise of bean coffee is reflected in both the use of semi-automatic machines and fully automatic bean machines. The semi-automatic machine is mainly used in hospitality venues because it is operated by a barista. The fully automatic bean machine is more common in office environments, but also in hotels and the leisure sector.

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Regional differences in brewing methods.

There are also regional differences in brewing methods. In Utrecht, no less than 90% of the restaurants and bars/cafés use fresh beans. In North Brabant and Overijssel, this percentage is still below 80%. Whereas in the other provinces the percentage is between the 80% and 90% mark, with Zeeland as a big runner-up of Utrecht, with a percentage of 89,4%!