Market share by beer brand in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands there are many national and international beers. Varying in color, taste, promille and brewing method. Despite this huge amount of beers, our data shows Heineken is still the most available. As part of the Dutch Beer Week, we are happy to share our insights.

Heineken, the traditional Dutch beer brand, has achieved great international recognition since 1873. Our data shows that even in its home country, Heineken still has the largest distribution share in the Dutch on-trade and foodservice market. We analysed data of all points of sale that serve beer. In this article you'll find information about the share of lager per province and in a number of foodservice segments as well as in the Dutch pub and sport canteens.

Regional disparities

Our data shows that Heineken is popular throughout the country. However, there are significant differences between the provinces distinguishable. We can see that Heineken is most popular in the province of Flevoland with 63%, followed by South Holland with 56% and North Holland with 50%. In the province of Limburg, Heineken is the main brand in only 15% of the locations that sell beer. Brand scores the highest here with 24%.

Looking further into the differences per municipality, it appears that Heineken is especially popular in hotels, restaurants and pubs in the Randstad provinces of Utrecht, Noord- and Zuid-Holland. In Noord-Brabant, Bavaria is the biggest, although there is not much difference with Jupiler. Hertog Jan is distributed over the entire country: this brand is most popular in 29 municipalities, but the Limburg brewery does not have a real link with a specific region.


Heineken distribution share in restaurants and quick service

In the Netherlands there are many places where you can enjoy a good beer. Think of cafeterias, restaurants, bars, terraces but also at home with a take away or home delivered meal. Datlinq has collected all data of these restaurants and has investigated which beer brands are best available. Heineken scores the highest with 40%, followed by the category other brands (13%) and Hertog Jan with 9%.

Heineken has the highest distribution share among cafeterias, takeaways and delivery-service restaurants. The brand is in the lead with 67%, followed by Grolsch with 8% and Bavaria with 7%.

Distribution share Heineken Corpora

Students and beer are inseparable. At parties and social events you can't imagine life without the liquid gold. Data shows that Heineken is also the most consumed beer among sorority students. The table below shows the brand of beer per student club or student disco per city.


Four of the seven corps cities serve Heineken. In Utrecht some of the beer is Heineken, only the women's corps (UVSV) serves Bavaria. Of course Amstel is served in Amsterdam, because this brand originates from Amsterdam.

Distribution share Heineken in sports canteens

Sports canteens are also likely to have a Heineken lager. According to figures from Datlinq, measured in 2017, more than a third of tennis, football, golf or hockey canteens serve Heineken beer brands. In football, Heineken is already completely dominant. There it is present in 53 percent of the canteens.

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