Harry goes Vital

Harry regularly hears around him that account managers are at home. After all, the hospitality industry is closed and retail is really not waiting for representatives with these peak times. Of course, it is understandable when you don’t know whether a location is still open in these bizarre times. Yet it appears that many entrepreneurs are still active in delivery and takeaway and this is the moment where we want to support them as much as possible.

By using the Vitality score of Datlinq, Harry can easily select the entrepreneur who is still active online within Datlinq. It is these entrepreneurs that he focuses on. Based on exactly what they offer the consumer, Harry can support them with various solutions. This varies from convenience concepts where orders can be prepared quickly to prepared portion packs that can be sent directly. Also nice is the cooperation with our media company where they offer entrepreneurs free menu flyers to send with our logo on it. Together we’re strong is the idea.

The idea is still being hatched to support the entrepreneur to add a gadget to every order so that a consumer continues to order. It has been suggested internally to save up a nativity scene, but whether this can still be realized before Christmas is still the question. But also glasses and plates, beautiful wines have been reviewed.

With every order over 50 Euro a nice beer mug is an experiment that they are now working on. Because the glass is nicely packed in a tube, it can easily be included with every order.

Harry jumps back into his car to deliver the glasses. He just made a Zoom call with a couple of entrepreneurs that liked the idea. No idea how long this crisis will continue, but we make the best of it this way.

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