Christmas is only two months away. A time to spend time with family and friends while enjoying food and drink. Do you have products that are perfect for specialty shops, or do you just want to know more about them? With this week, liquor stores. Do you have products that are interesting for liquor stores? Or would you like to work with liquor stores? With our data, you know where you can find the most liquor stores and thus increase your market. Did we make you curious? Then read on and find out how we can help you!

(By liquor stores we mean only those specialising in the sale of spirits and not, for example, supermarkets which also sell alcohol. The percentages were calculated by looking at the total number of liquor stores in the countries concerned, and then dividing them by the number of liquor stores in each country)

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Looking at the countries, Germany stands out. It accounts for no less than 54% of all liquor stores and is 30% ahead of the number two, the United Kingdom. So, if you want to sell a new or existing drink at a large number of liquor stores, Germany can be a good starting point. If you start in Germany, you immediately have access to more than half of all liquor stores!

You don’t want to conquer the biggest market right away, but rather start slowly? Then it might be better to start within the Netherlands (9.41%) and France (13.75%). Especially the Netherlands can be attractive because of its small surface. If you already have an established product and are looking for countries to expand into, the Netherlands and France are the place to be for you!

Finally, if you are looking for a smaller market to start, Luxembourg and Belgium are good countries to start. With a respective share of 0.05% & 2.89%, these are the countries with the smallest market share within the liquor sector.  By starting in these countries, you can slowly increase your market share and your awareness.

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