Nowadays there are so many types of bread. Think about the French baguette or Egyptian sourdough bread. But where are all these loaves of bread being made? Well, we searched in our data for all the bakeries in the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, and Luxembourg. Where is the number of bakeries the highest per square kilometer, and which chains of bakeries are most dominant in which country? Read more in our article and find out which hotspots you definitely can’t skip if you’re active in the market of bakeries!

Number of bakeries per square kilometer

When looking at our data, we made a distinction in the number of bakeries per square kilometer. What strikes us is that only in Berlin, London, and Brussels the number of bakeries per square kilometer is more than 1, on average there are 0.14 bakeries per square kilometre in the NUTS 2 areas. A few hotspots you should definitely not miss are Île-de-France (Paris region), Hamburg, Outer London, Bremen and South Holland. The number of bakeries in the United Kingdom is fairly low, this is because a large part of the bakeries is located in supermarkets and these are not counted.

It is striking that the number of bakeries per square kilometre in France is fairly low, while the country is known for the many bakeries in its picturesque villages. This is partly due to the size of the regions in France. When we look at the number of bakeries per 10,000 inhabitants, France has the highest average. France has an average of 4.75 bakeries per 10,000 inhabitants, Germany (number 2) has 4.22 bakeries per 10,000 inhabitants. So, if you are looking for the highest number of bakeries per 10,000 inhabitants, then France is definitely not to be missed!
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Share of chains

We have also made a top 10 of the largest bakery chains in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Belgium, and Luxembourg. We have looked at the share that each chain has in relation to the total number of locations belonging to a chain in the country concerned.

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What we see in the Netherlands is that the “Echte Bakkersgilde” has the largest share with a percentage of 26.28%, followed by Bakker Bart (11.38%) and Multi-Vlaai (5.58%). The Netherlands is the country with the highest number of bakeries that are affiliated with a chain: over 1/3 of all bakeries are part of a chain. So, if you want to increase your sales quickly and focus on chains, the Netherlands could be a good place to start!

United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, as in the Netherlands, there is one large chain that has the largest market share. With a percentage of 26.57%, Krispy Kreme has the upper hand in the English market. The number of bakeries belonging to a chain in the UK is less than 10%.


In Germany, the distribution of bakeries is more even than in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. With a percentage of 7.24%, Bäckerei K+U has the largest share of the German market but with a percentage of 6.76%, Schäfers Brot & Kuchen is not far behind. In Germany, slightly less than 20% belong to a chain, but the absolute number is the highest of all countries. So, if you manage to attract one of the chains, you can boost your sales immediately!


In France, Banette has almost half of the total market. With a percentage of 45.22% they are by far the largest in France, Marie Blachère follows in second place with a share of 19.37%. The number of independent bakeries in France, is over 90% of all bakeries. So if you are specifically looking for lots of independent bakeries, France is a good country to start. It is a very large country, so it can be difficult to work this huge market with your sales team.

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In Belgium, bakery Aernoudt and bakery Vangrootloon have the largest share of the Belgian bakery market. With a percentage of 14,92% bakery Aernoudt is the largest in Belgium, but with a percentage of 13,26% bakery Vangrootloon comes close. In Belgium, only 4% of all bakeries belong to a chain.


In Luxembourg, there is only one bakery chain. With a market share of 100%, Fischer 1913 is the biggest and only bakery chain in Luxembourg. The percentage of bakeries that are members of a chain in Luxembourg is below 1%. If you are looking for a market with relatively many independent locations, Luxembourg can be a good starting point.