The hospitality industry experienced only a small increase in the summer, while home deliveries continue to peak! In the Visit Report P10, we look at the period from the 13th of September until the 10th of October. In this period the hospitality and retail industry were almost completely open, but what do we see in our results? Read on and make sure you are up to date with the latest developments!

The hospitality industry was only marginally positive in summer

Gradually, the lines of 2020 and 2021 for the hospitality industry are moving towards each other again. This is due to the fact that 2021 remains stable at 1 million visits, whereas 2020 saw a decline from a starting point of 22 million. Perhaps the end of 2021 will still be able to exceed 2020, but that will depend on the effect of the new COVID-19 measures. All this after a moderate summer with little sunny weather and less tourism (a.o. due to the red colouring of the Netherlands).

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Retail visits increase again after summer

Visits to non-food retail outlets continue to rise, so much so that visitor numbers now exceed last year for the first time (YTD). However, food is also experiencing a revival after the summer, where visitor numbers were already clearly above those of last year. Non-food is at approximately the same level as last year (YTD +2.3%) in terms of visits. Food retail maintains its lead (YTD +35% vs. 2020).

Home delivery in P10 even peaks at over 13%!

The home delivery market continues to grow in share. Particularly for the group up to 50 years of age, the growth of home deliveries seems unstoppable. This explains, among other things, the lagging behind of the physical catering industry, where both food retail and home deliveries are dominant within the foodservice and retail market. Another striking fact is that 1 in 7 evening meals is now delivered to homes, which can be called considerably large.