Over the past few weeks, we have been showing you a little bit of our data each time, to show you how we can help you to better target your market. This week’s article is the last in a series about specialty shops: the patissiers/chocolatiers.

(By patissiers/chocolatiers we mean only the shops that specialise in selling patisserie and chocolate and not, for example, supermarkets that also sell patisserie and or chocolate. The percentages have been calculated by looking at the total number of patissiers/chocolatiers in the respective countries, and then dividing them by the number of patissiers/chocolatiers in each country)

If we look at our data, we see that France with 49.30% is head and shoulders above the rest. This huge share makes France (also known for its patisserie) the perfect country to sell your patisserie/chocolate products.

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With a 15.53% share of the total patisserie/ chocolatier market, the United Kingdom is number 2 in terms of the total patisserie/ chocolatier market in the countries we have included. If you prefer to start in a smaller market and on the European mainland, Germany and Belgium are a good starting points. With a percentage of 12.84%, Germany is slightly larger in percentage terms than the Belgian pastry chef/ chocolatier market, which has a percentage of 12.17%. But since Belgium is smaller in terms of land area than Germany, the density of the number of patissiers/ chocolatiers is higher in Belgium than in Germany.

If you prefer to sell your product(s) within the borders, the Netherlands is still a good runner-up compared to our two neighbouring countries. With a share of 9.89% within the total pastry/chocolate market, they are only 3% below Germany and about 2% away from the Belgian market.

Finally, with a market share of 0.27%, Luxembourg is the smallest country in terms of both surface area and market share in the countries we surveyed.

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