The sports season has begun again; the football leagues are on their way, amateur sports has begun, and some people are hitting the gym again to get in shape after the summer. But where is the percentage of gyms the highest?

In the coming weeks, Datlinq will deep-dive in the world of sports and sports locations, to make sure you know which locations to visit or in which countries to get started! We had a look at the total amount of sports locations per country and looked at how many of those locations are gyms. So if you’re looking for the country with the highest number of gyms, you know where to go!

So, what do we see in our database? The United Kingdom has the highest percentage of gyms, 24,60% of the sports locations in the UK is a gym. In the 2nd place, we see Luxembourg, where 23,77% of the location is a gym. Germany takes 3rd place (20,54%), closely followed by The Netherlands (18,15%). But what do these numbers tell us? Well first of all people are staying or trying to get in shape, which is a good thing. Secondly, the market for gyms (Statista) is growing which means new potential customers for your company are entering the market! It could be wise to anticipate on this trend and see if your food and beverage products are suitable to sports enthusiasts needs!

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